Wonderful Eternal flow of knowledge… Gita…

Magasar Sud Ekadashi Day is the auspicious day of Holy Gita Jyanti. In which Lord Shri Krishna took human incarnation and gave darshan of the vast form and imparted the knowledge of the wonderful Gitaji.

However, the tradition of imparting knowledge has been going on for years. As Guru I gives to disciple, parents, sons, saints, great men, society but Lord Krishna’s advice to Arjuna calms the mind and removes delusion. In the Kurukshetra field where the warriors of the same family are standing to die in a situation where emotions such as love-hate-fear-anger etc. are generated, Shri Krishna preaches to Arjuna to shoot arrows is a wonderful incident.

Of the Geeta in the bar chapter, In Bhaktiyoga it is written “Yetu dharma mritamidan yathokta paryupashate shraddhana matvarama bhakta sweti vame priya: ॥” Hey Arjuna! Faith and devout devotee are dear Finally “Paritranaya sadhunam bhanasaya durkitam dharma sattapanarthay shambhavami yugeyuge” protection of saints-cows-Brahmins and dharma

So I am incarnated from age to age.

3 December Geeta Jayanti

Gita-sara on Gita Jayanti

Lord Krishna says in Gitaji. 1) Soul is not born. does not die

2) Whatever happened is good, whatever is happening will also be good.

3) What did you bring that you lost? What was taken is taken from here, what is given is to be left here. 4) What is wrong with you or are you crying? You empty handed

Came empty handed. 5) Which is yours today. It was someone else’s yesterday will be someone else’s tomorrow.

6) Change is the law of the world. That which you understand as death.

7) Remove my small your big from this idea. Then everything is yours. Those devotees who worship You with a unique mind perform Yogaksheya (9/26).

I live in everyone’s heart. From me I have made all the Vedas of Smriti Man and Vivek one Vaidha Vedanta I am the Vedveta (Chapter 15/14)

You will not regret the past. Don’t worry about the future. Do the duty in the present.

Loard Krishna

The birth day or birth anniversary of any scripture is not celebrated in any previous religion or sect. Only Srimad Bhagwat Gita as other texts have been written or compiled by some sages, sages or writers. But Gita is born through Srimukhdwara of Lord Himself!

Gita was born in Kurukshetra, Dharmakshetra on the Ekadashi day of Lord Shri Bhagwan’s Vibhuti form in Margshirsha month, his favorite tithi Shuklapaksha! This date is also known as Mokshada Ekadashi. Gita is a sovereign scripture. No country, time, religion, creed or even caste. But the welfare of mankind as a whole is meaningful. Prabhu himself has made Arjuna an instrument and said. So the word like Shrikrishna Uvara is not mentioned in this book. But Shri Bhagwan Uvach has been used.

First of all cow’s milk is milked by their calf, then human beings of all religions and sects do it.

Gita Jayanti

Gopal Shrikrishna is the one who milked the Gita Granth in this way. The speech uttered by Arjuna in the form of panning the calf is the Gitamrita, the milk of the great nectar. Humans are the only form of life. Gita is the essence of all Upanishads. In this way, the essence of the Vedas and Upanishads is auspicious in this world and the hereafter, teaching the human being through the three paths of karma, knowledge and devotion, preaching the bright karma, yama, niyama, triple austerities, non-violence, truth and light, as well as religion for the sake of religion. Dependent. This is a wonderful book that preaches war by abandoning unrighteousness!

It contains so much truth, so much knowledge, so much serious sattvic teaching in eighteen chapters. Who raises the human being from the lowest position and puts him in the place of God! What is the duty of man? The purpose of the Gita is to teach it. A total of eighteen of the Gita

Chapter is included in Bhishma Parva of Mahabharata. The Gita is all-encompassing. In the Gita, man is taught that ‘do deeds, doing deeds is duty. But this has to be done sincerely. Karma

Gita teaches us the art of living. punishes him. We can understand well only through this verse…

Therefore, it is our religious duty that we should continuously try to bring this benefit to mankind. It is on this occasion that the festival of Gita Jayanti is celebrated!

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