Taylor Swift is the queen of pop singing world, won Grammy Award at the age of 20

We have often heard about South’s superstars from Bollywood and they keep on being discussed for some reason or the other. But do you know that the American music industry has such a diamond of pop music, who has been given the tag of superstar of the pop world. We are talking about Taylor Swift, the famous singer of the American pop music industry. Taylor Swift always wins everyone’s heart with her songs. Taylor Swift, who works magic on everyone from her music to her voice, is also known for supporting independent music and culture. Apart from winning many big awards on the basis of her singing, the singer has also made many records, due to which she remains the most beloved of the people. The same Taylor Swift is celebrating her 33rd birthday today. On this special occasion, we are going to tell you some things about him.

Taylor Swift was born on December 13, 1989 in the city of Pennsylvania, USA. The full name of the actress and singer is Taylor Alison Swift. Taylor Swift was inclined towards the art of writing and singing since childhood. This can be gauged from the fact that when she was in fourth grade, she won a national poetry contest for her three-page poem ‘Monster in My Closet’. Not only this, at the young age of 10, Taylor Swift started writing songs, singing at karaoke contests, festivals and fairs around the city. The singer just signed her first recording contract in 2004.

Taylor not only launched her career with a self-titled album, but also debuted on the Hot Country Songs chart. While Taylor’s second album ‘Fearless’ won four Grammy Awards, including songs like ‘You Belong With Me’ and ‘Love Story’. After successfully establishing herself in the world of singing, Taylor Swift started her acting career in the year 2009 with the film ‘Valentine’s Day’. In the same year, Taylor also debuted on TV. She appeared in the series ‘CSI’. Tell that at the age of 20, Taylor had won the Grammy Award. The singer became the youngest Grammy winner and has so far won 11 Grammys, 23 MM and 29 Billboard, 40 American Music Awards. It would not be wrong to say that Taylor is the best selling digital artist in the entire world.

Talking about Taylor Swift’s personal life, the actress and singer has dated a lot of guys. Taylor Swift’s name has been associated with celebrities such as Joey Jonas, Conner Kennedy, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, and Harry Styles. The actress started dating English actor Joey Evelyn from the year 2016 and both are still happy with each other.

Taylor Swift

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