Measures to prevent infection in diabetes

Measures to prevent infection in diabetes

At the end of twenty years, about five percent of people's kidneys stop working due to diabetes. Not only this, at the end of thirty years this figure increases to twenty percents.

It is said that once a person develops diabetes, aquaria gradually weakens the person internally. Diabetes is the cause of many diseases. Diabetes is also the cause of kidney failure in 80% of cases. As the duration of diabetes increases, the chances of kidney deterioration also increases manifold. At the end of 20 Year, about 5% of people’s kidneys stop working due to diabetes.

Not only this, at the end of 30 years this figure increases to 20%. Of diabetes Due to this, many organs of the body stop working. Diabetes has a severe effect on the kidneys.

If diabetes is not properly controlled, due to this, the functioning of the kidney decreases and gradually it stops working. In diabetes, the risk of infection increases due to obstruction of microcirculation due to thickening of blood vessels.

Most of the people suffer from kidney and heart problems, so the problem of infection in diabetes increases a lot.

The chances of infection are very high. After menopause, these infections are more frequent, last longer and in many cases are recurrent.


Tuberculosis (TB)

A person with diabetes can develop TB of the lungs. The probability of occurrence increases two to three times.

Low fever, loss of appetite, persistent cough, weakness, weight loss are its special symptoms. In this situation, diabetes pills often do not work.

The disease can be controlled by controlling diabetes with insulin and proper treatment of TB. In many cases TB drugs have to be given for a long time.

The chances of foot infection are many times higher due to diabetes. Due to the weakness of the nerves, there is no sensation in the legs, due to which ulcers occur in the legs.

Vascular disorders Due to lack of blood supply, bacterial infection spreads due to suppression of immune system. The infection spreads to the muscles or bones in the leg.

If not treated in time, gangrene occurs and can prove fatal to the leg or life. Measures to prevent infection A person with diabetes can live as well or better than a person without diabetes and avoid problems like infections, but there are some precautions that need to be taken. Like, completely control diabetes from the start. Keeping body and home-office clean.

Seek immediate medical advice at the onset of infection. Don’t hesitate to start insulin if diabetes pills aren’t working. Vaccines like influenza and pneumocofal should be taken as per doctor’s advice to prevent pneumonia.

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