In today’s digital world, a billion of young people are at risk to going deaf

Rist To going Deaf ? Every two generations, people’s lifestyles and comforts are changing. In today’s digital era, music can be listened to with the flick of a finger – not possible before. Gone are the days of turning on the radio or loading a cassette tape to listen to three songs from a film. People between the ages of 40 and 45, who are called middle-aged, are lucky. In this middle age two bhavas are living in one bhava. for a phone

Today’s digital world is like a jackpot for those who wait for hours at the post office or village panchayat. One is getting to live in the midst of facilities and facilities that were not expected. There is no control over the discovery of science and the discovery of new ones as the tools become old. One has to understand that any material invention is meant to make life easier and bring joy. Although the physical equipment has become digital but the body and mind are to remain the same. Along with the brain, the body organs like eyes and ears have started getting extra load. Physical tools can be bought in the market but body parts and their structure are not available in the market. Being constantly on the screen is increasing the problem of the eyes, as is the habit of listening to music on ear phones, head phones It seems that one billion youths of the world are at risk of deafness. of the World Health Organization

risk to going deaf

According to the statement, currently 430 million people in the world have the problem of deafness. Also, uncontrolled use of personal listening devices such as headphones, earphones etc. increases hearing loss among the youth. Therefore, it has become necessary to voluntarily comply with the noise limit in devices such as earphones used in smartphones. Noise above 90 dB (decibels) is harmful. The noise of a cutting machine is similar to that of a cutting machine. Exposure to this high intensity sound for many hours can damage the eardrum.

Permanent hearing loss begins. Thus, whether it is eye sight or ear hearing that naturally declines with increasing age, but if it declines prematurely in the youth, it will also harm the career. The problem of deafness causes a loss of 980 billion dollars a year in the world. These range from health and treatment costs to lost productivity and social costs. The cost of the hearing instrument adds up to a considerable loss figure. It should not be forgotten that the body is a priceless gift given by nature. Just as eye strain is increasing due to constant screen time, the habit of listening to music on earphones is increasing. Even though the physical equipment It has gone digital but the body and mind are going to remain the same. Along with the brain, the body organs like eyes and ears have started getting extra load. Physical tools can be bought in the market but body parts are not available in the market

From 2000 to 21, led by academics at the University of South Carolina in the US, Personal Hearing Devices The report was prepared by studying listening devices) and music in public spaces. 23 percent of teens and 20 percent of teens listen to music at high volume on personal listening devices. Since music is available in smartphones, the problem is not confined to any one country or continent but is seen all over the world. After the digital revolution, the original lifestyle and diversity of the world’s families is disappearing. In an artificial life like Ek Dharya Ragshia Gada, most of the night time is spent watching social media posts and listening to random music videos. The whole family is also seen scrolling their fingers on the smartphone screen. At night, traffic on social sites swells like a kidiaru. Some even earphones But he doesn’t sleep until he listens to music for hours. Music is easily available on sites like YouTube. Some youths go to sleep in the bedroom but in fact lie in place and expose themselves. Gradually this becomes like an addiction. The joy of music may be available for free but exposure is ours. I don’t even remember to wake up early for study and work the next day. The time has come to say that music is not ripe for the ears. Even though music moves the mind but it spoils the ears, it is necessary to be careful.

The use of earphones to keep the mobile hands free has become common. Even the usage is not sufficient even while some are driving on two wheeler Some are like madmen when their ears are full of music

Keep listening to music. Crosses the road. This behavior remains lost in the device. Dangerous to self and painful to others. An hour’s journey by train or bus, Meanwhile, only the body is present and the mind is of the music Some parents go out to their children then There is no earphone in the smartphone.Gives instruction to apply. Even the doorbell doesn’t sound when he comes back. Parents will lose their ears, They are also shouting that they will go to the deaf, but this falls on deaf ears does not collide. In this regard, especially the young generation of digital behavior. The sacrament needs to be poured out. It is true that the speaker of the smartphone has a tinny sound.

At such times Listening to daily long short videos in the open is disturbing. Radia doesn’t sound like anything special. Listening with earphones instead gives the original effect of the music, but researchers believe that constant listening to high frequencies can lead to ear maturation. Anyone who has a habit of listening to music at a volume of 80 decibels for more than an hour every day can become weak. According to a study, the electromagnetic waves emitted from the ear phone also damage the brain cells. The best advice is to have earphones.

Take a break between listening to Shodok’s songs and music. Keep the intensity of the voice so that someone comes to the side and says something or an outside voice is heard. Over the head earphones are relatively safer compared to ear plugs. Stop listening to music devices if your ears hurt or itch. Keep the ears clean, use good quality devices. Deafness occurs in young people at a young age, it can be difficult to live the whole 1 life. Therefore, there is a demand to formulate a policy regarding the problem of increasing hearing loss in a country like America. In today’s digital age, back-to-back meetings, work calls and work load in jobs and business, when the use of earphones becomes inevitable, this is a new problem that everyone needs to be aware of.

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