How to prepare an interview?

When you reach the final stage interview of the semi-final exam, you often feel confused that how to target the final stage? It is not impossible to pass the personality test if the following several resources are judiciously used to prepare for the personality test (interview).

Newspaper: Whenever

Daily when the personality test (interview) is near

A thorough reading of the events should be done. Editorials from sources like The Hindu, Tribune, Rajya Sabha TV should be perused. Reading at this point should focus more on analysis rather than detailed/factual reading. Journals like Fruitline can be used for selective intensive reading. Current affairs can be enriched by studying the reports and researches given by various think tanks which influence the government policies. As the recent election is the issue of discussion, but if there is any report of the Association for Democratic Reform, it should be studied. Studying PRS reports on parliamentary affairs, NGO’s like The Wire, Print, NGOs like the Defense Nithima Vivekananda Foundation, Observer Research Foundation. Meeting Successful Candidates : Ex

Who participated in the exams. And those who have got good marks

Candidates should meet and know their experiences. Their guidance can be the most important source of preparation! One should openly discuss one’s preparation matters. Mock interviews of former toppers should be watched on YouTube. A lot can be learned by analyzing how they interview, what stances they take on various social/cultural issues. Also find out how they make mistakes and improve on them

should If it is announced which members sit on the interview board, try to know their resume, topics of interest, approach to candidates etc.

Self Analysis: Your SWOT (SWOT) Analysis. One should see where the expression itself needs to be improved. Prelims preparation is done by reading, mains preparation is done by writing and interview preparation

By interaction. If the aspirants who give mains get together and form a group and have an oral discussion in it, then there can be more benefit in the interview! Much can be learned from each other. For this, sometimes you can try to give an interview in front of the mirror! Or a mock interview can be recorded on camera. And accordingly body language itself, of dialogue

Necessary corrections can be made in type, sentence structure, choice of words etc. Did he lose his balance in any discussion? Could such a situation have been handled better? Study your bio-data or profile and prepare effective answers to questions that reflect what the interviewer would expect from this profile.

Stress Management : This stage is always the final stage between selection and rejection

The tension builds. Cultivating positivity is very important in such circumstances. Such books should be read to develop a positive attitude. And should be in contact with the same people in which a positive attitude can be seen! Support from family and friends is crucial. Such friends or rivals social Media groups that at such times Spread a negative atmosphere. The rumor mill heats it up should be avoided. Mock Interviews: ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ Before the actual personality test, as many mock interviews as possible should be given to get real interview experience. After each interview, one should make a note of what mistakes can be corrected and improve in the next interview.

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