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Hello friends, I am Ishan Agravat and welcome to the my Teablog website here You Can view many intresting blogs, education related blogs, news and current affairs, also some technical thought and best photography.

I was born in Khambha, Guj. Somehow I don’t find many people on the web who are from Khmabha, or even Guj. But I digress.

Even education couldn’t ruin me.

I spent the first 16 years of my life in Khambha, after which I was packed off to Ahmedabad – where I spent a whole year sulking and crying, before realizing what an awesome place it was! I ended up spending 4 years there – at the end of which I should have come out mighty educated. But that’s another story.

Here I am. Having worked in a Personal and corporate set-up, I’ve realized that there are far too many things to be done to spend life just working.

I enjoy travelling, food, movies, novels, music, game, blogging and photography. I only read fiction – life is too full of non-fiction as it is. 

I am a maths atheist.

I love languages, including programming languages. In fact, I love coding, or whatever little I did of it. My ex project managers could vouch for that.

People say I come across as angry and rude; when mostly I’m simply amused and awkward, respectively. And I honestly never have any topics for small talk.

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Ishan Agravat :- Mo :- +91-8153005365

Email :- [email protected]

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